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Published papers by Dr William Tate

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management (APPGM): Parliamentary Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership: ‘Forward to Basics: A New Primer’, March 2014

Managing leadership from a systemic perspective, Centre for Progressive Leadership, London Metropolitan Business School, January 2013

Evidence submitted to the Financial Reporting Council and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries on the subject of Boardroom Behaviours relating to planned revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code, September 2009

Communication in the shadows Institute of Communication Ethics conference on ‘The age of information: new anxieties – new opportunities’, Lincoln University, 2004

Implications of futures studies for business, organisation, management and leadership Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, Department of Trade and Industry, 2000

Developing an integrative framework for corporate competence Centre for Labour Market Studies conference on ‘Competence – A source of Competitive Advantage?, Leicester University, 1997

Papers by Institute affiliates, colleagues and others

Balancing the Leadership Equation: Good organisation and holding leaders to account Dive, B. and Wright C, 2011,  (White paper). University of Bedfordshire Business School, Centre for Leadership Innovation

Systems at Work Bentley, T, 2008,  Australia, The Space Between, Pty Ltd.

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