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Theories, definitions and principles

“It works in practice.
But does it work in theory?”

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Choosing from the list alongside this page, we suggest you start with the fishtank metaphor, with the tank representing the organisation, and the fish as managers and other employees. Follow this by reading the short synopsis on systemic leadership. You’ll find more detail after that in the point-by-point overview.

At a more practical level, at different times and to a different extent, managers need to be able both to manage and lead according to their position in the organisation. To understand the difference between the two roles, go to managing versus leading. In a similar vein, management and managing are different, as are leadership and leading.

Those with a more academic interest can read how systemic leadership draws on the management discipline of systems thinking in basic principles of systems thinking as applied to management and leadership.

And if you are interested in how the discipline of systems thinking has developed and which aspects are particularly relevant to systemic leadership today, then read the historical link between systems thinking and leadership.

Alongside in the blue column is the full list.

The main menu item ‘The Key Questions‘ is an important component in understanding the systemic leadership focus and for reflecting on where you and your organisation stand. You would then be ready to look at the page ‘Understanding Systemic Leadership’ before moving on to learning how to apply the systemic approach to improving leadership.

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