What is your direction of travel?

Understanding the mental models that underpin our nation's governance arrangements helps us understand current trends and the direction of travel that would promote a better balance of power in the system, improved relationships and more constructive debates between players.

Is this leadership?

Our society, economies and indeed, the future of the planet, are threatened when influential leaders sidestep inter-dependence and instead, promote individualism.

Once more unto the breach

What lessons for systemic leadership can emerge from the messy and complex world of public inquiries? Can such inquiries promote culture change?

The road more travelled

How will Ayn Rand's advocacy for individualism affect the leadership of Sajid Javid - a great admirer of hers - at the Home Office. Will it prevent him from seeing the system that he is part of?

Seeing the system clearly

Amber Rudd had a lightbulb moment when the system came into view in the immigration crisis. But it came too late to save her reputation. It can be hard for leaders and organisations to learn systemic lessons.

Are we ‘individuals’ or ‘people’ at work?

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution speaks of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This confuses the rights of people as individuals with the rights of people collectively and in general. Organisations make a similar mistake when they speak of 'individuals'.