Star Trek fans argue about what Captain Kirk said to Mr Scott and what he meant. It is also claimed he said “There is no intelligent life here”. It sometimes feels like that. What I actually meant by misquoting Kirk is that the long-awaited future is now with us … and it’s systemic. Or rather more modestly, the re-designed and modernised website for The Institute for Systemic Leadership is now live. Please have a look (and if you find anything isn’t working, let me know). What you will notice is that the site is now far more visual, easier to navigate, and responsive to different devices.

But the main difference is the new Resources Centre. This contains 32 OD systemic leadership tools, tailored to a range of interest groups and markets, and designed to suit any pocket.

I am experimenting with this Centre because of the number of businesses or consultancies who use my resources without credit or attribution. I shall be interested in your feedback. This message is first being sent to my list of Associates, Colleagues and Friends before announcing the launch to the world at large. That next stage in communication will follow shortly. The website is a portal for all those interested in systemic leadership – a way of understanding and improving an organisation’s leadership activity and process by viewing it through the lens of systemic thinking.

I especially want to thank those of you who have agreed to have your bios and contact details listed on the site. I hope members of the public will make direct contact with you when they want a discussion or need help.

My partner Jo McHale and I can be contacted directly too. We look forward to talking further.

I also want to thank my remarkable web designer Duncan Ellison who launched himself into a tough challenge and found creative ways round all the blockages that standard software plugins weren’t able to handle.