Aidan Ward

Organisation systems consultant

Aidan’s business is based on a set of advanced risk management techniques that helps senior managers understand the systemic impact of strategic risks and the converse strategic vulnerability of organisation systems.

His book Trust and Mistrust: Radical Risk Strategies in Business Relationships (Wiley, 2003) describes the structural dynamics of choices about trust. More recent publications include chapters in Developing Leadership: Questions Business Schools don’t Ask (Sage, 2015), and Towards an Ecology of Mind: Bateson Legacy Continued (Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2017).

Aidan’s current interest is in how responsive large organisations are to their customer and stakeholder environment, and how the complexity of interactions with the environment is handled by the organisation as a whole. He is leading a project called ‘The Ecology of Health’ to look at aspects of health from a range of non-healthcare perspectives.

The key tools Aidan uses are the Viable System Model and cybernetics. He is currently studying the new sciences around ‘symmathesy’ (interactive mutual learning) and ‘warm data’ (transcontextual information about the interrelationships that integrate a complex system) with Nora Bateson and the International Bateson Institute.