Deb Poole

Local Authority Head of Transformation & OD

Using strategic, people centred, systems thinking interventions Deb helps and supports people in her organisation change the way they think. By supporting the workforce to experience the system as a customer, she helps them design services that deliver the things that are important to their service users.

Deb has been involved in the development of a ‘locality’ based approach to service delivery. This means the organisation understanding the context of customers’ needs and gaining insight into their lives before providing a service. Such a context of the demands customers place on public sector systems is vital to designing services that encourage positive changes in individuals’ lives rather than dependency.

She is passionate about the need for change in the public sector, in all of its forms. From health to local authorities, care systems to the local police. All of these agencies work with and support the same groups of people within their communities. Deb is committed to supporting the delivery of this cross-organisational change in order to radically redesign public sector services.