Julie Allan

Coaching psychologist

Julie Allan is a coaching psychologist, supervisor, researcher, and writer, with journalistic, co-creative and research skills applied to enable good work, wise practice and leading-edge endeavour for individuals and organisations.

She specialises in adult lifespan development, gestalt approaches, wisdom, story and complexity.

With a prior career in writing and publishing with the BBC, Julie is particularly interested in communication and applied creativity, and has recognised and put to use the vital role played by storytelling across all her working involvement, as well as in general life.

Julie co-authored The Power of the Tale: Using Narratives for Organisational Success (Wiley, 2002). Julie is author of a number of scholarly chapters on gestalt coaching and ethics, as well as guest editing two journal editions on wisdom in organisations.

Julie works on emerging new futures through:

• Executive and leader coaching and development.
• Supervision/praxis consultation for coaches, consultants and supervisors.
• Enabling co-learning across perceived boundaries.
• Writing and speaking.
• Service evaluation and deliver support through narratives and stories.